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26 South Goodman Street
Rochester, NY, 14607
United States


Henna Rising is the premier source for Henna body art and supplies in Rochester NY. 

We specialize in Traditional and Contemporary designs, providing our clients with 100% natural henna for body and hair. 

Hire us for Weddings, Birthdays, Engagements, private appointments, festivals, workshops and more!


Meet Robin

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Overall, I believe life is a magical journey with constant opportunity for growth and self-expansion. For me, Yoga and Reiki play a significant role in this journey of self-realization and the ability to have unconditional compassion for all beings. My motto for Inner Bloom Yoga is, union begins within. For, delving deep into our own hearts, minds and spirits, we uncover the gifts of joy and beauty that are all around us in each moment--in each breath--each and everyday. 

In my pregnancy I began to study foot Reflexology and have trained with the Ingham School and Laura Norman School of Reflexology. I practice Foot and Face sessions as individual treatments and also incorporate them into my yoga classes and Reiki sessions as needed. For me, it has been a magical addition to my offerings I am excited to delve into further by offering workshops for infants, children and adults with chronic conditions.

I wish you all Bliss, Peace, and Self-Realization on your personal paths to loves constant unfolding!