Robin Jaeckel is the Owner / Artist at Henna Rising & Blu Water. She holds a degree in Arts Administration and Advocacy from Empire State College. Founding Henna Rising in 2007 in Rochester, NY-- Robin has taken her business experience and knowledge gained from running a software company for 13 years, as well as the director of a non-profit arts center. She is certified through the ICHNA (the international certification of natural henna artists — A peer board of Henna Artists). 


A Humble beginning....

I think of henna as a folk art. I began my journey playing with friends, drawing badly on each other. Through this exploration, I began to feel the meditative and relaxing aspects of doing henna and my life would never be the same. 

After attending a henna conference, where I got to work with 20 of the best henna artists from all over the world and comprised of people of many cultures and countries, I was hooked. The support and generosity from both teachers and students was inspirational and encouraged me to take a leap of faith...Henna Rising was founded in 2007!


Why I continue...

I am often asked what  my favorite style to do is. That's not an easy question. I find joy in many styles of henna. I find joy in learning about how different cultures have used henna and seeing the art of those cultures are incorporated in henna. 

What I enjoy most is helping my clients celebrate life. From simple festival designs, to elaborate bridal work, henna adds to the auspiciousness of the day and therefore the love of themselves. This makes me very happy!